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Google’s Guidelines For Website Development

Following Google’s guidelines for website development is absolutely essential in today’s search engine market. Google is the pulse in which every engine follows and all sites should adhere to Google’s guidelines, if they want to be included in the world’s largest search digest. At Great Scott Film we follow all Google guidelines for development and […]

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8 Local Presence Management Strategies to Attract More Nearby Customers

This content in this article is owned by LSA Insider, The official voice of the Local Search Association and was written by Bernadette Coleman! 1. Get Maximum Value from Google My Business Boosting online visibility isn’t about throwing money at the problem. In fact, there are some changes that local businesses can make today that […]

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8 Reasons To Give Your Website A Redesign

While you can find many excellent reasons not to revamp your site, here are eight great reasons why you should get your redesign plans off the ground. 1) You aren’t getting the results you want. Is your website gorgeous, functional, and pixel-perfect? Awesome! But if you still aren’t getting the results you want, it’s just useless […]

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