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A New Website For Your Business

When Great Scott Film Creates A New Website Design

We develop new content and images for your new website design that are fully optimized for Search Engines like Google and Bing and reflects the essence and nature of what your business is all about. We do write new content and use existing to better tell your business story through the new website. Our photographers go on location to your business, firm, church, community service and take and develop new photography that is unique to you and your team and company.


These Are The Steps For Creating A New Website Design


Build The Website

Shoot Photos Of Your Business

Create Content For The Website

Search Engine Optimization

Promote The Site – Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Content Management Systems For Business Website Designs

It’s important that you have the ability to easily and continually update your site. At GSF, Inc. we have experience with a variety of Content Management Systems, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others. For each project, we recommend the system that we think is best suited for your needs and provides an intuitive editing experience for your team.

Each website design is focused on search engine optimization by automatically creating clean, optimized URLs and also giving your team the ability to edit and control all of the important SEO elements. For systems that have a focus on plugins, like WordPress, we work to minimize the amount of needed plugins, ensuring that the site loads quickly and you don’t need to worry about keeping a long list of plugins updated.

We take pride in making it easy to use and update your site and when you have questions, our team is available to help support you.



Search Engine Optimization Practices That We Follow

Create unique, accurate page titles, make use of the “description” meta tag

Improving Site Structure

Improve the structure of your URLs, and make your site easier to navigate

Optimizing Content

We develop quality content for your site, and write anchor text

Optimize  images

Use heading tags appropriately

Dealing with Crawlers

We make effective use of robots.txt, and are aware of rel=”nofollow” for links

SEO for Mobile Phones

We notify Google of mobile sites and guide mobile users accurately

Promotions and Analysis

We promote your website in the right ways and we make use of webmaster tools

source: Google Search Guide


Backing Up Your Site And Protecting It

We immediately throughout the development process back up your website design and install protection that prevents hacking and other practices that will harm the project. Security is of up most importance and we prioritize it.


Other Services

Adwords Account Set Up

Run ads in Google and Bing adwords and advertising accounts


Set up and make FB posts about business


Set up and make Instagram posts about business


Set up and make Twitter posts about business