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Search Engine Optimization

Today, about 90% of all search takes place on Google

If you want to take advantage of that huge amount of search, it’s a good idea to get set up with basic building blocks of search engine optimization. This where we start with new projects.

Quality Content For SEO

Delivering quality content is the place to start for any successful search engine optimization project. In our approach to SEO, our number one priority is relevant, quality content. Meaning that what you would like to rank for on a Google search means that your site should contain information that is useful and straight forward to the topic of goal keyword that you want to rank for.

Information is what the search engine is looking for. These days, web pages that are not relevant and are just stuffed with keywords to try spark a search from the search engine, will most certainly get you nowhere. In fact, that type of black hat SEO can get a website and page in real trouble with Google.

Building better pages for the user and then allowing the content to be the initial guide that gets search engine to spider the website is a better approach.


Google has gotten smarter over time, and stuffing your page with keywords is not effective any longer. In fact, jamming your page full of keywords is a sure way to NOT get listed on Google.

We place your keywords in strategically designed places within the page/site. Headlines, URL and meta descriptions all get their prescribed allotment of keywords and there’s no need to overdo it.

Fast, Easy To Access Content Optimized For Mobile

We create content that is easy to access on all devices, and it must be fast. Most searches are now done on mobile devices so our web designs are optimized immediately for mobile. All the content is designed to load quickly and display properly on all screen sizes.

HTML Markup Language

Proper titles using H1, H3 in appropriate positions are essential as well. All images within a page are also tagged with relevant “alt tags” that add additional information and explanation of what the image is about and is also relevant SEO.

Use of HTTPS or SSL

Google has confirmed that using a SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a ranking factor for search engine optimization, so we advise our clients to use and include SSL’s in all new packages. In the past, this step might have been a great factor but in today’s world it is important to let the search engine know that you are protecting your users by installing security for your website.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the steps that we take to build a better website for our clients. Making sure each site has all the proper functionality needed for success in today’s internet. Call us today and see if we can help you with your search engine optimization.