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Customer Service

One of the best aspects of our business is customer service and we do everything in our power to take care of our customers and their needs immediately. Priority #1 is making sure that our clients have everything they need and want right away.

There are many things that may have to be done for a new or existing website client.

Build a new site – When we are contacted for a new website design, we act immediately, setting up platforms to run the site on and meeting with the client to find out what their vision will be for the project and the direction that they want to go in to finish a great product.

We meet with clients on their time and make ourselves available for as much consultation as they need us for and then some. Typically, clients will have marketing tools such as brochures, and we draw a lot of info from those types of things.

Ultimately we write and rewrite content brought together from existing information and from our experiences with being with the customer in their business environment.

Customer Service - Melissa Kelley Artist

Melissa Kelley Artist

Customer Service - Jupiter Inlet Boat Rentals

Jupiter Inlet Boat Rentals

We also typically shoot photography of the business that supports variety of things particularly graphics for the site, things like large beautiful sliders on the front page, ads for Adwords campaigns, staff photos, etc.

Existing Website Clients – We get a lot of calls form our existing clients for changes that they do not want to make or don’t have the time t make and would like to implement them immediately and we do that right away.

These types of changes can be writing code for the html content, add text info or photographs, creating graphics to support projects that they have underway, etc.

Customer service – whatever is needed done, we make it happen and we do it right away. Feel free to peruse our Client List and review our work and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.