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WordPress Sites

We are currently developing WordPress sites that look beautiful and function fantastic, and the client has an admin section which they can use to make a variety easy changes to pages and other elements within the website. We have a huge collection of WordPress Templates for you to build your next Directory Site, Classified Site, eCommerce Store, Landing Pages, Appointment Booking Site, Video Platform, Business Sites and much more.

  • Beautiful front interface for customer enticement.
  • Admin section for employees to make changes.
  • Training from our company, when needed.
  • Compatible with all formats – iPhone, iPad, Samsung, BlackBerry, etc.
  • Content and information customized to feature your company’s profile.
  • Contact forms for customer feedback and connection.
  • Member sections for Customer’s Only.
  • Beautiful photographic sliders that enhance the overall presentation of your website.
  • Custom menu bars top and bottom of website.
  • Visitor Tracking Software.

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